The motto of our school is “EDUCATE AND ILLUMINATE” and this is the reason the school strives hard to provide enough opportunities to develop the skills and confidence of each student. To achieve its motto, the school provides children, flexibility in learning. Education here is holistic based on a strong foundation of traditional values integrated with modern teaching methods.

A warm “student – teacher” relationship is the cornerstone of the school. A healthy teacher- student ratio ensures individual attention.



Our vision is to create a knowledgeable, just and compassionate society based on the principles of our constitution, by imparting quality education and positive values among the future citizens.

Confucius rightly said,

If you think in terms of a year,

Plant a seed,

If in terms of ten years,

Plant trees,

If in terms of 100 years,

Teach the people.

So, if we wish to create a society which shall be a symbol of heaven on earth, then definitely we have to take the route of education.

Our motto “Educate and Illuminate” explains our vision. We firmly believe that the light of knowledge is so powerful that it can illuminate the whole earth. Right education is like a torch that illuminates the path in one’s life, helps one take the right decision and guards him/her from committing mistakes. The wonderful thing is that its power is not limited to its beholder, in fact, it influences the society at large. Just as one candle lights another and can light thousands of other candles, similarly one heart radiating with true knowledge and right values, illuminate another heart and can illuminate thousands of other hearts, creating an ideal society.


Our mission is to inspire every child to become a “Gift of God” to mankind and a potential light of the world. We aim at nurturing thoughtful and proactive citizens and leaders committed to the service of humanity. We leave no stone unturned to instil in our students, the values of love, tolerance, brotherhood, [patriotism, sensitivity to the environment, nationalism, courage to bear life’s contingencies and to take up cudgels on behalf of the underprivileged. Our endeavour is to provide a genuine and holistic education in a stress free environment where students inculcate a spirit of enquiry and face challenges of life confidently. Our aim is that our students should not just shine but illuminate.